Ilha de Moçambique is a Key USP, Needs Protection – St. Ange

Ilha de Moçambique
2 April 2024

Revered tourism guru, Alain St. Ange says that Ilha de Moçambique (Mozambique Island) which remains a key USP of Southern African nation, Mozambique needs to be protected. Mr. St. Ange stated this in early March, following a visit to the island which has been opened to tourism even with a bridge that connects it to the mainland. This small island that was once the capital of Mozambique is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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“I had discovered this unique island in 1973 on my first ever trip outside of Seychelles after completing my schooling years at Seychelles College. It was a real pleasure to stop again at this same island in 2024,” said St. Ange who was lecturing on a luxury liner as it stopped at Ilha de Moçambique.

“Today Mozambique Island has a bridge to its mainland and has made a major step into the world of tourism. A young Mozambican tourism operator, Gisela Matavel Antman is important to hold tourism firmly in the hands of locals. The mother of two is part owner in Villa Sands, one of the main resorts of the island with an authentic local restaurant right of the sea offering mouthwatering seafood delights to the island’s discerning visitors. Gisela and her Swedish-born husband, who also own a Maputo based Tour Operator business, prides herself that her efforts to balance her desire to develop Mozambique Island’s tourism as she also works to promote local artists as a benevolent benefactor with the aim of keeping the youth of the island employed and the culture of Mozambique Island alive is working” said Alain St. Ange.

Ilha de Moçambique will nevertheless have to act on experiences learned by other tourism island destinations. The Government or local administration of the island will need to take charge of the dilapidated and rundown historical buildings and ensure they are rehabilitated as soon as possible. This work will save the local architecture and bring back a sense of care and attention for the island. The island has everything to succeed in the upmarket tourism network but need more Gisela Matavel Antman in their tourism industry. The island remains a key USP for Mozambique and a little more care and attention.

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