St. Ange Arrives Moroni, Meets Comoros Tourism Minister

25 March 2024

His Excellency Houmed Msaidie has held audience with tourism guru, Alain St. Ange aboard the luxury cruise liner, The World as it arrived and drops anchor in Moroni, the capital of Indian Ocean island nation, Comoros for a visit.

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HE Msaidie, who is the Minister for Tourism of Comoros, met St. Ange who is a former Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine of the Seychelles to discuss cooperation possibilities to grow and consolidate the tourism industry of Comoros.

St. Ange, who currently heads his very own Saint Ange Tourism Consultancy, was the founding President of the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands, the Regional Organisation comprising several destinations on the Indian Ocean, such as: Comoros, Reunion, Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles and Mayotte. The organization was an avenue for the group to work together for the consolidation of their tourism industry.


H.E. Houmed Msaidie, the Comoros Minister of Tourism was accompanied by his Commandant for the Port of Moroni, Mrs Toilabia Soilihi and his private entourage.

Currently, Comoros holds the Presidency of the African Union (AU) and it was an opportunity for Alain St. Ange to spell out the different avenues of cooperation to the benefit of Comoros through his Saint Ange Tourism Consultancy.

Zanzibar is the subject of the 5th lecture eries by St. Ange as he cruises into East Africa

In a related development on Monday the 25th March, Alain St. Ange had earlier delivered his 5th Lecture of his 8-Lecture Series while cruising along the Indian Ocean coast, on his way to Moroni.

The journey which kicked off from Durban in South Africa and is expected to go all the way to Seychelles, with scheduled stops in several destinations like: Maputo, Ilha de Moḉambique (Mozambique Island), Mayotte, Comoros, Zanzibar, Dar Es Salaam and Mombasa.

In his lecture, Alain St. Ange spoke about the Zanzibar Island and touched on the history, as well as the tourism attractions of the East African coast Island, popularly called Island of Spices.

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