Kitui County Partners Kenya Wildlife Service on Conservation

Kitui County
Kitui, 23/03/2024

In a landmark move aimed at bolstering wildlife conservation efforts, the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the County Government of Kitui. The agreement, signed during a high-profile event, signifies a collaborative effort to relocate specific wildlife species to designated parks and reserves within the county.

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Under the terms of the MoU, KWS will establish a rhino sanctuary within the Southern Conservation Area while also focusing on enhancing the conservation and effective management of integral components within the Eastern Conservation Area. This strategic initiative aims to safeguard endangered species and promote biodiversity in the region.

The signing ceremony, attended by tourism and wildlife stakeholders, featured the presence of Cabinet Secretary Dr. Alfred Mutua, who emphasized the importance of partnerships with county governments to revitalize tourism. Dr. Mutua highlighted the untapped tourism potential in many counties and pledged to collaborate closely with local authorities to identify and develop new tourism circuits.

In addition to facilitating wildlife relocation, KWS will provide crucial support in law enforcement and operational activities across county game reserves. This holistic approach underscores the commitment to combatting human-wildlife conflict, a persistent challenge in regions like Kitui and Makueni.

Prior to the signing, Dr. Mutua engaged in discussions with the Kitui County government leadership led by Governor Dr. Julius Malombe, as part of efforts to foster collaboration in wildlife conservation. The visit also extended to Makueni County, where talks were held with Governor Mutua Kilonzo Junior to explore potential areas of partnership.

Addressing the pressing issue of human-wildlife conflict, Dr. Mutua reaffirmed ongoing efforts to mitigate conflicts through initiatives such as park fencing and community education programs. Public awareness campaigns are pivotal in promoting coexistence between communities and wildlife, a key component of sustainable conservation efforts.

Dr. Mutua’s extensive tour, which previously covered Samburu County, underscores the government’s commitment to proactive conservation measures. With plans to visit Western Kenya in the upcoming week, the Cabinet Secretary’s nationwide tours signal a concerted effort to address conservation challenges and unlock the full potential of Kenya’s tourism sector.

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