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24 March 2024

One of the best known musician/songwriter/performer of Comoros, the Indian Ocean island nation, Maalesh Ntsobwe, was in the forefront as his island showcased itself to passengers of the luxury cruiseliner The World as it docked in the Port of Moroni, the island’s capital.

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The show by Maalesh Ntsobwe reminded everyone that it is culture that remains the base for a lasting and sustainable tourism industry because when culture is amalgamated as part and parcel of the tourism industry it is the people who are in fact being brought to play their part. As Alain St. Ange puts it, “Culture cannot exist if the population does not exist.”


Speaking further, the former Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine of Seychelles noted that, “This has always been the call to action by the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands Group and today Comoros did well, and as I say Congratulations to Maalesh Ntsobwe and Comoros.

“I can only call for more such initiatives if we are truly committed to tourism, our vital industry, for our respective country’s economy” said St. Ange who was in the crowd appreciating the scintilating performance by Maalesh Ntsobwe.

The tourism guru who presently runs his own ‘Saint Ange Tourism Consultancy’ also took the opportunity to compliment both Mayotte and Comoros Tourism Departments for their respective cultural groups in the welcoming of cruise passengers to their ports this week.

Alain St. Ange has been travelling on the cruise ship, The World, on a speaking tour of several destinations along the Indian Ocean coastline for the past week. He left Mayotte late afternoon on Saturday and has since arrived in the nearby Comoros Island on Sunday 24 March 2024.

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