Assumption Island: Environmental Impact of Hotel Project Minimal

Assumption Island
10 March 2024

Conservationists and concerned citizens, according to a report monitored on Seychelles News Agency (SNA), were given an in-depth presentation for a luxury tourism establishment which is expected to be built on Assumption Island in the Seychelles archipelago.

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The presentation, held on Saturday 9 March 2024, at the Roche Caiman Community Centre, is part of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) exercise the Department of Environment is carrying out before the construction of the hotel begins. The project will be undertaken by Highness Consultancy, a Qatar-based company specialising in interior design, architecture, and building industries.

The representative of the consultancy, Wilhelm Pretorius, said in his presentation that the aim is “to produce a high-end luxury resort keeping in mind the diverse ecosystem.” With this project “we are creating a resort that takes just over one percent of the area of the island,” he said.

Located 1,100 kilometres southwest of Mahe, the main island, Assumption is part of the Aldabra group and managed by the state-owned Islands Development Company (IDC).

In August 2023, the IDC’s managing director, Glenny Savy, announced that the Qatar-based company was chosen to build a five-star hotel on Assumption Island with 50-60 rooms with ecological themes. Meanwhile, IDC expects the hotel to be completed by 2025.

Those attending the meeting were shown plans for a luxury resort spread on Assumption Island, aiming to provide beautiful sea views to its clients, including five restaurants with a capacity of 20 with an intimate feel.

Following the presentation, those attending the meeting were able to ask questions and voice their concerns. Among the issues raised were the impact on Assumption’s environment, how sewerage and waste will be managed as well as the dangers of not having adequate quarantine facilities. The proposed development on the island also includes an expansion of the existing airstrip that will allow international flights to land directly on Assumption.

Now that the various concerns have been noted, the Department of Environment will include them in an assessment report, which will then be circulated to the project’s stakeholders for review. Members of the public will then view the reviewed document for 14 days.

Additionally as part of the EIA, people can fill out a form detailing their views and concerns that they will have to submit to the Department of Environment by Tuesday, March 19, 2024.

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