C.S Mutua Meets Board of Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS)

Kenya Wildlife Service
Nairobi, 18/10/2023

The Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife through the Kenya Wildlife Service is working on modalities that will lead to extensive fencing off of all national parks to mitigate against human-wildlife conflict. Cabinet Secretary (CS) Dr. Alfred Mutua however says that beyond fencing, there is an urgent need for enhanced education and awareness among human populations residing near wildlife sanctuaries to encourage co-existence.

The C.S Mutua said this during a meeting with the board of trustees at Kenya Wildlife Service. He also announced plans to visit all 47 counties to discuss the issue of human-wildlife conflict with the leadership of county government. He will also be discussing the issue of compensation for those affected by the conflict between wildlife and humans and strategies of growing the tourism sector. The CS who was accompanied by the Principal Secretary in charge of wildlife Ms. Silvia Museiya spoke on the need to partner more purposefully with the private sector in growing tourism.

The meeting with the Kenya Wildlife Service board centered on several critical aspects, including the current state of Kenya’s wildlife and conservation efforts, strategic plans to address challenges, and avenues for collaboration.

“It’s heartening to see the collective wisdom and expertise within KWS, and the synergy of ideas that have emerged. Your contributions are integral to the success of our mission to safeguard Kenya’s unique ecosystems, its stunning wildlife, and the well-being of our communities,” he told those attending the meeting.

In a related development, the Cabinet Secretary Dr. Alfred Mutua paid a visit to the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya (WCK) on Thursday 19 October 2023. Accompanied by the Principal Secretary, Ms. Silvia Museiya, C.S Mutua visited the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya (WCK) to gain a deeper understanding of their vital role in conservation and nurturing the next generation of conservation champions. During this visit, he met the dedicated board of trustees of the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya, and I was inspired by the efforts they’ve undertaken to safeguard Kenya’s future through conservation and sustainability.

“I am determined to passionately advocate for the cause of conservation, starting from the grassroots level in the Bottom-up Transformation Approach (BETA) spirit. My goal is to collaborate with the County Governments to encourage and support the establishment of wildlife clubs in schools across Kenya, ensuring that the message of conservation resonates widely and that future generations are actively involved in protecting our natural heritage” CS assured the WCK team.

This is among the many Parastatals that fall under the Ministry that the Cabinet Secretary is going round familiarizing on their mandates and their contribution in bettering the Wildlife and Tourism sector.

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