Malawi Tourism Advise Public on Safety & Respect for Culture

Malawi safety
October 13, 2023

In a bid to curb the escalation of fatal and non-fatal incidents in connection with domestic beach tourism in the country, Malawi’s Ministry of Tourism has issued a press release addressing safety and precautionary measures to the general public. Please kindly read the full details of the press statement below:

Ministry of Tourism has noted with great interest of the increasing number of Malawians patronising the countries tourism attractions mainly the Lake and the Wildlife protected areas. The visitation is more pronounced during long weekends, extended with a public holiday and these visitations comprises mainly of group, family and individual travel. The Ministry is committed in working towards entrenching a culture of travel amongst Malawians so as to boost the impact of tourism on the country’s economy.

Safety press release

However, it has come to the attention of the Ministry that despite the positivity attached to domestic tourism, there has been an escalation of a number of fatal and non-fatal incidents mainly in connection with beach tourism. A number of avoidable deaths by drowning have been reported mainly resulting from swimming under influence of alcohol; swimming without any knowledge of swimming and without swimming aids and safety gear.

The Ministry would like to advise the general public of the following issues as we celebrate the Mother’s day holiday:

  1. The need to utilise the services of licensed tour operators and event organisers for group and individual travel to the countries attraction areas. The operators are licensed on the basis that they meet stipulated minimum requirements that hinge heavily on safety issues and excellent knowledge of attraction areas.
  2. The need to avoid swimming while drunk and always utilise swimming aids and safety gear for those not versed with swimming and furthermore to take heed of all safety precautions.
  3. The need for all groups and individuals to respect cultural etiquette through 3 appropriate dress, desisting against the use of vulgar language when drunk. Patrons will be treated with great respect when they attempt to adhere to local etiquette.

The Ministry would like to advise the general public to take note of all safety precautions and respect for local cultural etiquette when patronising the countries attraction areas. The government is committed to build a strong and vibrant domestic tourism portfolio that will complement the international tourism leisure market and further cushion the tourism sector against global shocks, be they financial or otherwise.

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