Tourism Seychelles Launches Mobile App at Tourism Digital Fair

Tourism Seychelles
29 September 2023

Seychelles Department of Tourism (Tourism Seychelles) has successfully launched the “Visit Seychelles” Mobile App, through which visitors can plan their itinerary for their stay on the island nation. The launch, according to a report on Seychelles News Agency, took place on Thursday 28 September 2023, at the first-ever Tourism Digital Fair, which has been incorporated into the week-long Tourism Festival which kicked off with a local Food Fest on Sunday.

The aim of the digital fair is to showcase digital innovations in Seychelles and it is being carried out through collaborations with different partners from the telecommunication, banking, and content creation sectors, among others.

Tourism Seychelles’ Digital Acquisition Manager, Dominique Sabino, said that as we are living in the digital era, “the fair not only allows the partners to talk about their businesses and products but also showcase what they have to offer.”

Present at the fair was the founder of Digitech, Trevor Cupidon, who told SNA that the fair was a perfect opportunity to showcase the products of the parent company.

Trevor Cupidon

“We are presenting all the businesses that came to be through the Digitech, and those are LinkUp and SeySale App. We were invited by the department, and we were interested in participating. We are showcasing the revolution that has happened with technology,” said Cupidon.

“Since morning, we have been establishing contacts with other businesses that we weren’t aware of. It is a good opportunity to network. Individuals are interested in our latest gadgets and products – iPhone, touch projectors, holographic fan, among others,” he added.

The owner of Paradise Media, Johnny Volcere, said that as a videographer, he has contributed a lot to the tourism industry. Videos being played in the background at this stall showed works he has produced for tourism establishments and other businesses related to tourism.

“The department invited Paradise Media because they are aware that I am contributing. They invited me to showcase the work that has been done. In a sense, this is a form of marketing,” said Volcere.

“My participation is a form of support towards the industry as well as to showcase the capability of our local creators. Before, we would see more foreigners doing these kinds of works for hotels but many don’t know that much of the work being done today is by Seychellois,” said Volcere.

The opening of the fair was also an opportunity for the Department of Tourism to launch its “Visit Seychelles” app. Digital Marketing Executive of Tourism Seychelles, Darnel Hoarau, shared that the mobile app, which is available for Android and IOS systems, is an extension of the destination website.

“It has additional features such as an itinerary page so that visitors can plan their trip to Seychelles. We target people who are already in Seychelles but anyone anywhere can download the app,” said Hoarau.

Events being held in Seychelles are also featured on the app. All listings on the app are from businesses and services registered on ParrApi.

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