Cairo Metro Line 3: Six New Metro Stations Set for October Launch

Cairo Metro Line 3

Preparations are in place by Egypt‘s Ministry of Transport to inaugurate six new metro stations on Cairo Metro Line 3 in the month of October. According to a report on Egypt Independent, this is to be implemented by the National Authority for Tunnels. 

These stations are Sudan, Imbaba, al-Buhi, al-Qawmeya al-Arabiya, Ring Road, and Rod al-Farag Axis. Trial runs are currently being conducted. The Ministry of Transport said in a statement on Wednesday that after opening the new stations the end of the third line will be at the Rod al-Farag Axis station.

Cairo Metro Line 3 will have another branch starting from the Kit Kat station and reaching the Cairo University station, passing through the areas of Mohandessin, the Arab League Street, and Boulaq al-Dakrour.

It ends at Cairo University station’s intersection with the second line of the metro. The third phase of the Cairo Metro Line 3 project is being implemented in three phases.

The first phase is four km long, extending from the Ataba station to the Kit Kat station, and includes four metro stations, namely Nasser, Maspero, Safaa Hegazy and Kit Kat. This part was put into operation for passengers in October 2022.

The second part of the phase extends for a length of 6.6 km from the Kit Kat station until the final station at the Rod al-Farag Axis. It includes six stations, one underground station that is the Sudan station, and four overhead stations including Imbaba, al-Buhi, al Qawmeya al-Arabiya, and the Ring Road station. It has one surface station that is the final station of Rod al-Farag Axis.

The third part of the third metro line extends for 7.1 km from the Kit Kat station to Cairo University and features five stations, including three underground stations: al-Tawfiqia, Wadi al-Neel and the Arab League Street. It has an overhead station that is Cairo University’s and a surface station that is Boulaq al-Dakrour station.

The third line extends from Imbaba and Mohandessin, passing down the Nile to the Adly Mansour interchange station. It includes 34 stations, and exchanges passenger transportation services with the first line at Nasser station, with the second line at Ataba and Cairo University stations, and with the light electric train at Adly Mansour station.

The third line’s importance is reflected in the fact that it is the first transverse axis that connects the east and west of Cairo, and connects the various means of transportation system through:

  1. Nasser Station: Connected with Cairo Metro Line 1
  2. Ataba and Cairo University stations: Connected with Cairo Metro Line 1
  3. Adly Mansour Station: Connected with the electric train.
  4. Wadi al-Neel Station: Connected with the west Nile Monorail.
  5. Stadium station: Connected with the east Nile Monorail.

The line is 41.2 km long, has 34 stations including 21 tunnel stations, two surface stations, and 11 overhead stations. It is being implemented in four stages.

The first phase began in 2007, inaugurated in 2012. This phase extends from the Ataba station to the Abbasiya station, at a length of 4.4 km and consists of five tunnel stations, which are Ataba, Bab al-Shaareya, al-Geish, Abdo Pasha and al-Abbasiya.

It has as well four ventilation stations and a workshop in Abbasiya. This phase exchanges passenger at the second line of the metro at Ataba station.

The second phase (Abbasiya/Al-Ahram) began in 2009 and opened in 2014. This phase extends from Abbasiya station to Al-Ahram station, at a length of 7.7 km and consists of four tunnel stations, namely Cairo Exhibition, Stadium, Girls College and Al-Ahram stations.

The third phase of the third metro line is 17.7 km long and has 15 stations. This phase will be implemented in three phases:

  • Phase 3A: Four km long and includes four tunnel stations.
  • Phase 3B: 6.6 km long and includes one tunnel station, four overhead stations and one surface station.
  • Phase 3C: 7.1 km long and includes three tunnel stations, one overhead station and one surface station.

The stations of the third line of the metro are:

  • Adly Mansour, Hike Step, Omar Ibin al-Khattab, al-Qobba, Hisham Barakat,
  • Sun Club, Nozha, Alf Maskan, Heliopolis Square, Haroun, Pyramids, Girls College,
  • Cairo stadium, Exhibition station, Abbasiya, Abdo Pasha, al-Geish, Bab al Shaereya, Ataba, Nasser, Maspero, Safaa Hegazy, Zamalek, and Kit Kat.

The metro third line has another branch starting from the Kit Kat station and reaching the Cairo University station. It includes the following stations: Tawfiqiya, Wadi al Neel, Mostafa Mahmoud Mosque, Shehab Street, Bulaq al-Dakror, and Cairo University.

The prices of tickets for the third line of the metro stations are identical to the regular prices of metro tickets, which are:

  • Five LE for nine stations.
  • Seven LE for 16 stations.
  • LE10 for more than 16 stations.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian Transport Ministry (ENR) has increased the fines for passengers of metro, railway and light electric trains in order to deter those who do not follow the rules on these services. Transport Minister, Kamel al-Wazir sent a letter on Sunday to the ENR and The National Authority for Tunnels to increase the fines.

The new fines are:

The Egyptian National Railways Authority (ENR)
  • Smoking cigarettes inside trains and stations is now LE 100 instead of LE 70.
  • The fine for evading and riding trains without a ticket is now the following:
  • -Air-conditioned trains of all kinds are now LE 70 instead of LE 30.
  • -Russian trains with dynamic ventilation are unchanged at LE50.
  • -Regular third-class trains have increased to LE 30 instead of LE 20.
The National Authority for Tunnels
  • The fine for smoking cigarettes inside coaches and stations is now LE 250 instead of LE 200.
  • The fine for evading and riding metro and light electric trains without a ticket is now LE 100 instead of LE 50.


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