Egypt’s Abu Simbel to Get 600m Long First Tourist Walkway

Abu Simbel (2a)

Deputy Aswan Governor Ghada Abu Zeid inspected the construction of the first tourist walkway in Abu Simbel, which is slated at a length of 600 meters at an estimated cost of about LE24 million, funded by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. According to a report on Egypt Independent, the construction rate of the walkway is currently at 35 percent.

Based on an integrated vision to develop tourist sites that keep pace with the aesthetic and cultural panorama at the various cities and areas of the Aswan Governorate, the first phase of the “Mamsha Ahl Misr” project was opened on the old Nile Corniche, Abu Zeid said during her inspection tour. The second phase of the walkway is in Edfu, and the third is in Abu Simbel, she said.

The Abu Simbel tourist walkway includes the construction of interlocks, upgrading the city’s central islands, the installation of balustrades, adding a decorative base for columns, luminous flower beds, and designing a cutout in the shape of a lotus flower, Abu Zeid said.

Abu Zeid instructed adding pergolas and decorative lighting poles that carry the visual identity of the governorate, in addition to developing and raising the efficiency of the garage on an area of ​​2,000 square meters, and establishing a cafe and public toilets equipped with a unit for people of determination.

*Cover image courtesy of Experience Egypt

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